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Welcome to the Pixels to Pages Blog

Hello friends!!!!! Oh my gosh! I am so excited to start blogging again! If you have reached this blog via my new Pixels to Pages Facebook page, the Kelly Sill Design Facebook Page (soon to be deleted), or Pixels to Pages Instagram account, welcome! I am so glad you are here! I have truly missed blogging over the past several years. Serving the memory-keeping community with with tutorials, design tips and tricks, and freebies is my passion. You know that rush of endorphins you get after a run or exercise class? That’s the feeling I get when I serve up these nuggets of creativity with you. I can’t wait to feel that “high” again! I love sharing my pages and projects in hopes that it inspires others to tell their own stories. I have been away from sharing my photos and stories for quite some time now, but there were a couple of "subtle signs" over the past few weeks that I needed to start doing this again, so here I am!


The running list of topics and information I look forward to sharing here is a long one. Not only will I be sharing all things mobile scrapbooking, but I’ll share recipes, personal projects, and a few of my favorite things. BUT I also want to know what kind of content YOU want to see here at Pixels to Pages. What are some of the obstacles do you find yourself faced with when it comes to mobile scrapbooking? Is there an app(s) you want to learn more about and master? Are you confused about cloud storage? Are you wondering how to transition from physical/digital scrapbooking to app-scrapping? Talk to me, friends! I’m here to help you! Feel free to leave me a comment below!

As time goes on, this blog will have more and more content, tutorials, and visual inspiration. With it being so close to the holidays of this blog going live, the first subject you can count on reading a lot about is December Daily! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing video tutorials of what I do to prepare for this yearly project! Remember, I am a mobile memory keeper, aka, "app-scrapper," so everything thing I do will be done on my iPad Pro!

If you are need of some creative spark ASAP, you can always follow my Instagram account, @pixelstopages. And don’t forget about my Facebook Page, Pixels to Pages. Come follow me and show me some love!