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2020 Family Yearbook : February Pages

Tutorial: Polaroid Pics Part 2

I am really surprised and totally bummed! I had NO IDEA that Supermatic was no longer available in the App Store until one of my followers on social media let me know. The developer, The Lens Lab, also created the Collect App, Letterglow, Adorable (it’s a creative photo app for new and expectant moms), and the Photo A Day App for Fat Mum Slim. Looking on their website, the Supermatic and Photo A Day apps were no longer being shown. Seriously bummed. I believe the developer is in Australia, if any of my Aussie friends knows what’s up with them, I’d love to know! They don’t answer any customer support emails. 

Anyways, I wanted to find another way to create these Polaroid-like photos using a different app for those of you who don’t have Supermatic. I am happy to say I have figured out two ways to do it with Adobe Spark Post! And you know what? I am finding I am liking it better than Supermatic right now. With the way I am documenting 2020, being able to put white borders on my photos AND create Polaroid-like pics in one app is a time-saver!

Click the link below to watch two different ways you can use Adobe Spark Post to make “Polaroids” from your pics!