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Project Life 2017 : September Pages


One of the memory keeping projects I want to accomplish in 2020 is to complete my 2017 Family Yearbook. Just like I am doing in 2020, I was documenting 2017 in a monthly format. Looking back at what I had already completed that year, I was further along than I thought–I had finished all the way through August. Since I am “caught up” on my 2020 album (I won’t begin my July Pages until August), I thought now was a good time to dive back into September 2017, and I want to share those pages with you today.

My 2017 photos are not stored in my camera roll/Photos App on my computer. I have them in a separate Photos Library on an EHD (which is backed up to BackBlaze). So in order for me to get the pictures I wanted, I opened up that 2017 Photos Library, did a search for “September” and all the photos from that month popped up. I then selected the ones I wanted to use and exported them to a folder on my iCloud Drive. Easy-peasy!

Memory keepers ask me all the time if I have a hard time journaling when I comes to documenting photos from a few years back. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it. Recalling those moments really isn’t an issue. But what I found myself struggling with was trying to keep with the same style (for lack of a better word) for the second half of 2017 as I had with the first. There are many new techniques I learned and new features introduced to the app since then (hello Editorial Templates) and I was trying really hard to refrain from using them. I have this thing for “consistency” throughout my album and I didn’t want the first half of the album to look different than the second. Believe me, it was a struggle! But in the end I figured that if I kept the majority of design elements the same as in the previous months, things shouldn’t look that different. So let’s take a look at September 2017:


As mentioned earlier, 2017 is being documented in a monthly format. I like to look at the months as “chapters” in a book. So each month in this album has a chapter title spread. The page on the right is a piece of digital paper from a Project Life Digital Kit. I cannot remember which one it is from! So sorry! When I first started this album, the page on the right was created in LetterGlow. Now with FFT, I am creating this directly in the PL App by placing a piece of white digital paper in the 12x12 full page Editorial Template and adding the text with FFT. 

If you have been following me on my Pixels to Pages Facebook Page or Instagram account, you probably have already seen the next 4 spreads I am posting below. But keep just keep reading because I am sharing a "self-inflicted struggle" I was having when creating the spreads and there are other layouts for September that I haven't shared yet on social media. I was struggling with these not because they were hard to do, but because they are created with the Editorial Templates, which as you know, were not around back in 2017. I really didn’t want them to look out of place in the album since I obviously didn’t use them in any of the spreads I previously did in 2017. But given the subject matter of the photos, the Editorial Templates were going to be the easiest way for me to get them documented (BTW-I am not sure why the backgrounds of the first three spreads are gray-ish. They are bright white in my camera roll. It may be an upload issue).

These photos are from a long weekend trip Chris and I took to San Francisco. I am planning on doing a separate travel album for this trip that will have MANY more photos, but I did want to include them here, because who knows how long it will take me to get that travel album done! 😂. The journaling was very easy for me to do. I documented these photos in Adobe Spark Page back in 2018  and just copied/pasted the journaling from that web story to these pages. Not sure what Adobe Spark Page is? You can take a look at it here! (It’s soooo cool!).


The next two spreads cover the remaining photos and stories for September. I like to stick with one kit for the year, and in 2017, it was the Project 52 Rad Kit (and it’s add-on). Sticking with one kit helps with that consistency issue I have! 

Pink seems to be the color that ruled several of the photos in the first spread below, but that isn’t the reason I selected the pink journal and filler card! The subject matter of the photos on the left is all about Hurricane Irma. That “Are You Ready For This” filler card couldn’t have been more perfect, don’t you think? I made sure to select a journal card that had the same color pink for the other page to tie the two together. 


The second spread is a mish-mash of photos. The Rad Kit has a filler card that looks as though the stripes of color were made by brush strokes. This was fitting because some of the photos were of the interior of our house being painted. Using brushstrokes as a design element, I wanted to carry this through both sides of the spread. When it came time to select journal cards, you can see that the borders on the top or bottom of those cards look like brushstrokes. And notice the stroke behind “hello” on the journal card and the painted edge of the circle on the “right now” filler card. It’s little details like this that can help bring a sense of cohesiveness to your layout!


So that is it for September! Any of you have consistency issues like I do? How do you remedy them? Let me know in the comments below!

One more thing before I close out this post! I have a new digital release that will be going live in the shop this weekend! I have been posting hints on my social media outlets for the past few weeks giving clues as to what it might be. This Friday, July 24th at 1pm EST, I will be hosting a Facebook Live on the Pixels to Pages Facebook Page and reveal what it is! I think you guys are going to love it!!! So mark you calendar, bring a lunch, tune in and hang out with me!