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August 2020

New Product : Journal Blocks–Fall Collection


It's the last weekend in August and I can't think of a better way to begin to wind down summer than to release the new Fall Collection of Journal Blocks!!! The Summer Collection was a huge hit and I know you are just going to love these new kits for fall!

What's that? You don't know what these Journal Block Kits are all about??? Let me fill you in!

Journal Blocks are the perfect solution for when the stories we want to tell require something a bit larger than a standard 3x4 or 4x6 journal card we use when we are using pocket-style page templates. Digital pocket page templates with extra-large placeholders are great to showcase a photo, but they are also perfect to get those longer stories told. Each Journal Block Kit contains a variety of decorative journal cards that are meant to be placed in these extra-large placeholders. In each collection you will find:

2-6x12 horizontal vertical cards

2-6x8 horizontal and vertical cards

2-4x12 horizontal and vertical cards

In addition, each kit contains 2 coordinating 3x4 and 4x6 horizontal and vertical filler cards (4 filler cards in total).

All cards are in JPG format. When using the cards in the Project Life App, you will place them in the correct size placeholder just as you would a photo. To add text to the card, you would use the Free Form Text option, which is a separate in-app purchase within the Project Life App.

If you are familiar with Photoshop or Affinity Photo, you can use the text feature to add text to the cards as well. Also, if you are feeling extra creative, instead of adding text to the cards, add a few photos using either of these two pieces of software! Super versatile!!!

I am going to introduce each kit to you below with a few page samples from some super talented ladies! There is a lot to look at–but you are going to want to keep reading until the end! These kits are now live in my shop and I have a very special discount code at the end of this post with instructions on how to use it!

Back to School: Elementary/Middle School

While the colors in this kit are pretty traditional, if you look closely some of the illustrations and verbiage reflect the signs of the times. Back to School was going to be different for everyone this year and I tried to incorporate the special circumstances as subtly as I could without it being the main focus. 


The page below is by Teresa Carlucci. By reading Teresa’s journaling, I could totally feel the emotions she was going through as she wrote about her kids starting this school year. My heart goes out to each every parent, child, and educator as everyone is trying to navigate through this crazy start of the school year. You can follow Teresa on Instagram: @totallycre8tive


Let's Go Apple Picking

I remember going apple picking with my grandmother when I was a little girl. Apple orchards just smell like fall, don't they? I would love to go again, but living in Florida, there just aren't any around!


The pages below are by Rose Day. You can follow her in Instagram: @writingmypath. And boy is she a writer! I love the detail in her journaling! She's making the most out of space in these Journal Blocks! And that pie! YUM!!!



Back to School: High School/College

I really needed to have two separate "Back to School" kits, because let's face it, there is a big difference between being an elementary/middle school student and a high school/college student, right? This kit for older students is super fun and reflects their #mood pretty on point!


The spread below is by Jenna Fortner. You can follow Jenna on Instagram: @fort_disney. (she is also one of the Admins for the Simply Project Life Facebook Group!). Jenna captured the milestone of dropping her son off to college perfectly! What I LOVE about her pages is that she used cards from the kits in different sized placeholders than their original intent. For example, that “Study hard” filler card at the bottom center of the first layout, is really the bottom portion of the 4x12 vertical Journal Block card!

Untitled 2

Meet Me At The Pumpkin Patch

Ahhh...the pumpkin patch. Another one of those fall staples I sorely miss by living in Florida. 


Pages by Jen Morrison. Jen is a HUGE FAN of these kits and used several of them from the summer collection to document her summer stories. But these Pumpkin Patch pics have my heart! I love how she used the 4x12 horizontal Journal Block card from this fall kit as a title card! That “Pumpkin Kisses...” Journal Card you see in the second page is really a 6x8 card, but Jen totally makes it work in that 4x6 placeholder! You can follow Jen on Instagram: @jenmorrisonphotography.

Happy Halloween

I just love the fun, bright colors in this kit. The little ghouls and goblins crack me up!


Pages by Chastity DeVane Thompson. Those black and white photos!!! By changing the photos to black and white, Chastity balanced out the fun, bright colors in the kit for a classic look! Three cheers for black and white pics! And I just love her “Whoopie Cushion” costume story! You can follow Chastity on Instagram: @chastity_d


Happy Thanksgiving

A Fall Collection wouldn't be complete without a kit for Thanksgiving. Whether you spend it with family and/or friends, or both! Use these cards to document your Thanksgiving spent together!


Pages by, ME! Even though I already documented these photos in my 2019 Family Yearbook, I really wanted to use them again with this kit. You can see by the 6x12 Vertical Journal Block that I had several stories to tell and had no issues in filling up the space! The font is set to 14.0. It’s name is “Archer Pro,” and it is one that I installed into the app. You can follow me here on this blog, the Pixels to Pages Facebook Page or on Instagram: @pixelstopages.

Untitled copy

I want to thank Teresa, Rose, Jen, Jenna, and Chastity for sharing their pages for this product launch. I am truly grateful and appreciate all of you! Your photos and words are an inspiration!

So now that you've seen them all, which are your faves??? It's hard to choose, isn't it? Want to create your own bundle? To celebrate the launch of the Journal Block Fall Collection, I am doing something new in the shop! When you buy 5 kits from the "Themed Journal Blocks" you will get the 6th free! And this isn't just for the new Fall Collection! You can select ANY of the Themed Journal Block Kits!!! Still have summer photos to document, snag a few summer kits! Can't wait to document those first day of school pics? Put the kit in your cart! Create your own Summer and Fall Bundle! This special offer will end Saturday, September 5th at 12:01am

These are the steps you need to take:

  1. Go to the shop,, and select "products" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the category titled "Themed Journal Block Kits". See photo below:Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.34.10 AM
  3. Place 6 kits from this product category in your cart.
  4. When going through the check-out process, use the code "FALL2020".
  5. THIS IS IMPORTANT. When you enter the discount code, YOU MUST SELECT "+" sign next to the box in order to apply it.Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.47.35 AM

    Once you apply the code, $5.99 will be removed from your purchase:
    Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.47.50 AM

    Got it? Easy-peasy, right? Now have fun building your own bundle!!!

Project Life 2017 : October Pages


If you recall, last month I mentioned that I was going to be playing catch up on my 2017 Project Life Album and shared pages from September 2017. My goal is to have both 2017 and 2020 by the end of the year and today I am sharing my October pages. Two more months to go after this! Yay!

The pages this month are super simple. All completely done in the app. Since the photos from this month were really fall-inspired, I used filler and journal cards  Project 12 October Edition.


The above spread acts as the divider between my September and October spreads.


I rarely use the color purple on my pages. But I thought that journal card with the purple diagonals complimented the journal card with the leaves very well! Because the layout on the left-hand side was such a miss-mash of photos, I used numbered bullet journaling to document them! 

You'll notice I did the same type of journaling for the entire second spread! This way of journaling is quick, to the point, and best of all it gets things done! Looking at this spread now, I am going to go back and change the numbers on the right hand side to being with "4." For some reason it is bothering me!


And that's it for October! Super simple pages, right? 


2020 Family Yearbook : July Pages


Seven months down, five to go. Can 2021 get here any faster??? Right before I started to type out this post, I read on the interwebs that the Big 10 has cancelled the 2020 Football season. We just want to cry. 2020 gets a 0-star rating from us. Seriously 2021, where are you???

On to happier things, like scrapbook pages:

Even though I have 3 spreads for July, I had a really hard time with selecting decent photos. It turns out that the camera on my iPhone X is failing on me. I noticed that areas in photos have been blurry, almost like it is in permanent portrait mode, but not as nice looking because the blurred areas are sporadic. I'm struggling with whether or not to upgrade to an iPhone 11 right now, or wait for the 12 to come out. What would you do? New releases usually come out in September, but I've read recently the release is being delayed to the first week or two of October due to supply chain issues. Grrr...this @#$& Covid!!! So, I've been carrying my Nikon B700 around with me more and more. I've even been taking pics with my iPad as well.

If this is the first time you are visiting the blog. Welcome! I am so happy you are here and thrilled that you have decided to spend some time with me today! I published a lengthy blog post earlier this year outlining how I am documenting 2020. You can read that here when you have a moment. But just a quick recap: I am documenting in a monthly format, creating my pages in the Project Life App. 95% of the digital products I am using throughout my pages are by Ali Edwards and I use the apps Affinity Photo, Adobe Spark Post, and Supermatic (no longer available in the app store), to add these embellishments to my pages. I go into a little more detail about my process. I have embraced placing the majority of my stories this year on a 6x12 Monthly Journal Block Card. You can find them in my shop here or by clicking on the shop link at the top of the page. IMG_5363

My two main stories this month included a kayaking/paddle board weekend getaway with friends, and a week-long visit with my sister and her family. Yes, it was a lot of socializing in the middle of a pandemic, but we took all the necessary precautions to stay healthy. The cards on the layout above are from the Americana Kit in the Project Life app. I did alter the card on the left side by adding a white journal box to it in Affinity Photo. The firework card on the right has a star from one of Ali's digital kits.


Again, digital products are by Ali Edwards. However, that "love to explore" card in the spread above is one I created in Affinity Photo using several of Ali's word art digital files. Several of the photos on this spread were edited in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad using presets from Light and Airy Photography. I LOVE their presets!!! 


It seemed as though my social media feeds were loaded with Christmas in July posts throughout the month! I did my own little release this year with an updated version of my printable Christmas Planner. It is seriously one of my favorite things I've created! You can check it out in my shop! I will be doing a separate post on this planner very soon!!! /// I had a blast when my sister was visiting! The masks she makes are awesome! She has a huge selection of fabric. The elastic bands are adjustable and there is a bendable, metal strip across the nose for a secure fit. If you are interested, you can check out her Facebook Page, Night Owl Createry.

So happy July is over. It was a busy month! Here is what I have going on in August:

1) I am in the middle of redecorating my studio. I am going to post some pics/video on my IG Stories about this soon, so be sure to follow me there @pixelstopages.

2) I am already starting to fill in my printable Christmas Planner. It's never too early to start, right? I thought I would be able to share some of those pages with you last week, but I it took me a whole week to recover from my sis being here! I hope to get that post out soon!

3) The other thing I am working on are new Journal Block Kits for fall. I will have 6 new kits that will be released very soon!!! Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading! Leave any comments or questions below!!!