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New Products in the Pixels to Pages Shop!

PNG image-36D5E6B1C02E-1

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there are several new products in the Pixels to Pages shop! Seven new kits to be exact! Let's hop right on into them! Beginning with the April Edition of the Chapters Collection!


I am loving the color palette this month! It reminds me of Easter eggs. The pattern of the month is a white weathered wood and you'll find a mulberry paper texture on the colored digital papers! I remember working a lot with mulberry paper when I was documenting my photos and stories with physical products and I think you guys will love these!

There are a few cards in the collection that represent a couple of National Days in April. Did you take any pictures for National Handmade Day or National Siblings Day? Don't worry if you did not, snap a few now or dig up some old photos and use those! National Picnic Day is later in the month (April 23). Consider that as a reminder for you to go and enjoy a meal outside!!!

Here is a sample of what the first spread in my April Chapter may look like. I am definitely expecting this to change since I know I have a lot more photos to take this month!


And below is what the last page in my April Chapter will look like. The title page for May will be placed right beside it.


The April Edition of Chapters is now available in the shop!

For an overall explanation of the Chapters Collection in general, please check out this blog post. 

Moving on! Ready for some new Pocket Frames??? I have 6 new Pocket Frame Kits in 6x8 and 6x12 sizes! I'm so excited about these!

6x8 Pocket Frames No. 1


Working with the Big Shot Templates in the Project Life App are my favorite! Check out how I used one of the PSD files in the Affinity Photo App to add a single photo to! I didn't add the text in Affinity. I exported the Pocket Frame with only the photo (I turned off the text layer) and then once I dropped the picture into the 6x8 placeholder in my template, I add two text boxes using the Free Form Text feature. These large Pocket Frames are awesome for adding both a text and a title to!


6x8 Pocket Frames No. 2


Some of the Big Shot Templates in the Project Lift have 6x8 placeholders in both vertical and horizontal orientation. So do the Pocket Frames:

6x8 Pocket Frames No. 3


The 6x8 Pocket Frames with placeholders for 3 photos are PERFECT for allowing you to place more pictures on the page than the template allows for. The extra bonus is that you also have room for journaling (and even a title)!!!


6x12 Pocket Frames No. 1


OMG! You guys!!! Check this out for a title page in a travel album. I know I will be using these 6x12 Pocket Frames A LOT!!!


6x12 Pocket Frames No. 2


And just like for the 6x8 Big Shot Templates in the Project Life App, there are templates that have the 6x12 placeholder in both vertical and horizontal orientation! I like to look at these larger Pocket Frames as a way to "divide" my page–separate a main story from the others that may be on the same page.


6x12 Pocket Frames No. 3


I'm loving the slender rectangles on some of the 6x12 Pocket Frame No. 3 templates! They have a modern vibe to them!


Whew! That was a lot! You can find these new 6x8 and 6x12 Pocket Frame Kits, along with the 3x4 and 4x6 Pocket Frames that were previously released in the Pixels to Pages shop!

As a reminder, there is a QR code on the kit previews for the Pocket Frame kits. This is a link to a video tutorial on how to use the PSD files and Overlays from the kits in Affinity Photo for iPad! Use the camera on your phone to scan the code to watch the video while you are following along with Affinity Photo on your iPad! The video is also embedded below! The video demos the 4x6 Pocket Frame Kits, but you will use 3x4 in the same manner. And friends, if you do not use Affinity Photo, the PSD files that are in the kit can be used in Photoshop or any other software that will recognize PSD files. If you do not work with an app or software that opens PSD files, the PNG overlays that are in each kit can be used in apps like GoDaddy Studio, Canva, Procreate, or Creative Cloud Express!

I really hope you enjoy working with these Pocket Frames! Don't forget to tag me when you share your pages on social media! I'd love to see how you are using them!



Journal Blocks: Winter Collection


Hey friends! The Pixels to Pages Journal Block Winter Collection is now live in the shop!!! Memory keepers are LOVING these kits because they offer extra-large, decorative journal cards, giving documenters a little more space to tell their stories than the standard 4x6 or 3x4 journal card allows. To celebrate I am offering a "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" Promo this weekend! Beginning today, November 20th, 2020, when you purchase ANY 3 Journal Block Kits, the 4th one will be free! Place 4 kits in your cart, use promo code WINTER2020 at checkout, and a $5.99 discount will be applied to your order! This offer will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 22!

Keep reading to view each kit and see what some Santa's Elves created with them! Be sure to read all the way through as there is a freebie at the end of the post!!! For more inso, hop over to my Instagram feed where there are a few more layouts in the "Journal Block" Story Highlights!

Farmhouse Christmas


I did something a little different with the 4x12 Vertical Journal Card with this release. Instead of it being a “journal card” is now a patterned “filler card.” You will have to rotate it in its placeholder when dropping it into a horizontal pocket so the pattern doesn’t look extra-large. I think you will enjoy having a pattern to accent your pages with!

The Farmhouse Christmas kit follow the same aesthetic as my Christmas Planner! You may be able to use some of the 3x4 and 4x6 cards from either kit on both your scrapbook pages or in the planner!

Mbennett-doubleSpread above by Megan Bennett. You can follow her on Instagram: @mbennett13

Carla Jennings created the 6x8 spread by using the 6x8 Vertical Journal Card from the kit as a full page! Great idea! 


You can follow Carla on Instagram: @tybromom

Teresa Carlucci shares her festive spread, too!


You can follow Teresa on Instagram: @totallycre8tive

Happy New Year


Let's celebrate the new year with a little sparkle! There is a little digital glitter in this kit. It's the perfect way to add some bling to your pages without the messy clean up of the real stuff!

Here is a spread Ingrid did using the Happy New Year Kit. She used over half of the cards in the kit in this spread!


You can follow Ingrid on Instagram: @ingrid_u_lim

I love how Heather used the 4x12 Celebrate Journal Card for a Disney Page!

You can follow Heather on Instagram: @moonpiegirl

Frosty Fun


It is still hot here in Florida and the photos these scrappers used in their layouts helped to keep me cool! Check them out:

Sean Eyring, aka "Project Life App Dude," and his family look like they have a blast when it comes to hanging out in the snow! And he's right, that snow beard and eyebrows are EPIC!



You can follow Sean on Instagram: @projectlifeappdude

Check out these layouts from Dawn Bowra:


She did the above layout in the Project Life App. Can you figure out how? She used some fun techniques here!!! And I love how she placed the photo(s) in the layout below:


You can follow Dawn on Instagram: @proudtobemrsb

The photo Stephanie used in this layout is stunning! Don't you think? Although Stephanie created this layout in Photoshop, it can easily done in the Project Life App using the  The Big Shot 4 Template!

Firesteel layout1

You can follow Stephanie on Instagram: @stephhokenson

Christmas in the Sand–U.S. Version


Not all of us celebrate Christmas in the snow, including yours truly!!! It's about time there was a kit for those who prefer to make a sandman instead of a snowman! Check out the quick spread I did using photos from 2018:


I also experimented with placing a filler card in an Editorial Template and super happy with the result!!!


And finally...

Christmas in the Sand–Australian Version


I've never seen a Christmas kit geared towards an Australian Christmas. A little while ago I asked my followers from Australia about how they celebrate the Christmas season being in a warm weather climate. I have a lot of followers and students from this beautiful country and I wanted to create a little something for my them. The response to my question was overwhelming! Based on their answers, this is what I came up with! 

Susan Bunning has a TON of photos to share in her spread! Read her journaling about these photos! This is exactly why I wanted to create kits for a warm-weather Christmas! Susan placed the 6x12  Christmas In The Sand Vertical Journal Card, into a 4x6 placeholder and arranged it so the top portion of the card is showing. This is a good example of how to experiment with the cards by placing them in a different placeholder that it is intended for! She did the same with the Christmas BBQ filler card-that is actually a 3x4 horizontal filler card–and she used the Free Form Text feature in the PL App to add more text to the card! Susan-XmasintheSand

You can follow Susan on Instagram: @brisbaneangel

Now Elmi doesn’t live in Australia, but in South Africa! Turns out they celebrate in much of the same way Australia does! Elmi got really creative and not only used the Project Life App to make her pages on her Android device, but she used the Over App as well. In addition, Elmi used Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on her Mac, to accommodate her style of Project Life! While she doesn’t share her pages on social media, she does have a blog you can visit:



Christmas 2018B-web

It turns out that Elmi is a graphic designer. While she was making her pages, she also created a few extra cards to coordinate with the kit and wanted to share them. Click on the image below and you can download these cute cards for free! THANK YOU ELMI for sharing your talents!!!


To all of those who provided page samples for the launch of these kits, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below!

Progress Update : My Christmas Planner


It’s the middle of September. Kind of hard to believe there are less than 100 days until Christmas! Yes, you read that right! Less than 100 days until Christmas. When it comes to the holidays, are you a planner or more of a last minute kind of elf? Personally, I consider myself to be more on the organized side of the Christmas chaos. Sure there will always be last minute things to take care of or the unexpected house guest, but for the most part I try and get a grasp on the reigns of the Christmas sleigh a few months before the madness begins.

Back in July I created a printable Christmas Planner and made it available for purchase in my shop. I’ve made a few of these over the years, and I think this is my favorite. Although this is still a work in progress, I’ve got enough done and wanted to share with you what I’ve completed so far! 


Let’s take a look at each section:

The first section is my calendar. The printable planner comes with 3 month-at-a-glance and week-at-a-glance calendars (November-January). It’s up to you if you want to use one or all of the months. I use the month-at-a-glance calendars for November, December, and January. 


Even though the calendars looks a little sparse, more events will be added to them as time goes on. There are several things we do during the season that have become a tradition, such as going to the Holiday Pops concert by the Florida Symphony Orchestra and various Holiday Boat Parades. But due to Covid, venues and organizer still trying to figure all these things out. We also may be throwing in a getaway in November, so as soon as these plans are finalized, I will add them to the calendars. And guys, I know there are a lot of planner addicts out there and would be prettying up their calendars. But not this girl. I really don't have time to do that. I just want a space to write in and leave it at that.


The next section in my planner is the address section. As I was looking at the address from my old Christmas Planner, I realized many friends, and some family members had moved over the past year. So I wrote several messages through Facebook and some text messages asking for their new addresses. I was so happy to here back from almost everyone! I’m still waiting on about 3 or 4, but they will be easy to add in. I’m so glad these addresses are all updated now and I won’t be scrambling to find them when it comes time to send out Christmas cards! (addresses have been blocked for privacy)



There are other 3x4 cards and overlays in the kit for Christmas stamps and photos that are not pictured here. They will be added to this section when the time comes!


The Gift Section of the planner is going to be so helpful! My “Master Gift List” page will be filled in as we get closer to the holidays, but these “Santa Reports” are being filled in now! There are two different sized “Santa Reports” in the kit, a 4x6 and a 6x8. The 6x8 size I am using for our immediate family: Chris, our two sons, our daughter-in-law, and I filled one out for myself as well (sometimes the Sill men can use a little help when it comes to gift-giving 🙄). To make these reports resemble something like a “case file” I cropped photos of everyone into 1.75” squares, put them in a 4x6 document in Photoshop and printed it out. Then I just trimmed each photo from that 4x6 printout and attached them to the “Santa Report.” Super fun!


The "Santa Reports" for Chris and Ryley will be filled in one night over dinner. The ones for Dustin & Becca just came in last night. I texted each of them and asked them for the information I needed. They wrote it out on a sheet of paper for me and took a photo of that paper. So all I have to do is copy what they had written onto their individual reports!


I am using the 4x6 “Santa Reports” for extended family members. Shortly after I first released the kit in my shop, I visited my niece and her family (they live about 45 minutes away). I brought two of the 4x6 Reports with me and had Jessica fill them out for her girls (my great-nieces, Elsie & Penny). I used a 6x8 page protector with two 4x6 pockets and placed the completed card in the bottom pocket and a photo of each girl in the top. When my sister was visiting, I printed out a card for each of her kids and had them fill out a card. I ran out of those two-pocket page protectors to place them in. I ordered a few packs from Ali Edwards and they should be here in the next few days!


The Decorations Section is partially done.


I have my inventory sheet filled out and I’m looking forward to replacing or purchasing those items needed. I will be going down the Pinterest rabbit hole over the next few weeks for decorating and craft ideas. Last year instead of going shopping on Black Friday, I had my bestie Jill, come over for Bloody Marys and Christmas crafting. I want to find a few ideas of what craft to do this year, print them out and place them on the various cards 6x8 and 3x4 cards that are also included in this section (not shown). And even though we may not do every project I find, these are ideas are fun to refer to and see what is trending from year to year.


And finally we have the Recipe Section.


One of my main goals with this planner was to consolidate all of the recipes I make throughout the holiday season into one place. Whether they were recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Morning Breakfast, or Christmas Cookies, I wanted all of these recipes in one binder instead of having to pull out various cookbooks old magazines or search the web for these recipes I use year after year. Because there were so many recipes, I ended up using InDesign on my iMac to create these cards. I know, I know, I’m a mobile memory keeper! But there are some projects where the hybrid scrapper in me comes out! As a graphic designer InDesign is a program I use for page layout. It was easy for me to set up pages and drop the JPG of the 4x6 or 6x8 Recipe Cards into my document. I then I took the time and gathered all of those recipes together and started to type everything out! I then exported my documents as PDFs, printed it out, and then trimmed to place them in the page protectors. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 9.33.23 AMSome of the recipes have photos and some do not. That will definitely change once these dishes are made. I will make note of which recipes I want to photograph and will be prepared to do so when the time comes. Some recipes I may prepare between now and the holidays just to get the shot prior to the busy day they will be prepared on. (Hmm...I may need to select a few days to do this and add them to my calendars!) So although this section is very recipe card heavy, this will definitely change once the photos are taken. I know these recipes will not stay in the order they are in now. Using this binder for my planner will make it easy to move things around when the time comes!


Some of the recipes are crazy long. So long that the instructions needed to be carried over to a second card. I turned these recipe cards into flip pages to accommodate a photo. So far I have two of these pages. One for the Christmas Tree Puff Pastry and the other for the Beef Wellington. I think I’ll have two more (cookies) once I get the photos taken. I will do another post with a tutorial on how I did this in the upcoming weeks.


I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to have all of these recipes in one place! Goal achieved!

The printable Christmas Planner is available in my shop. The pictures above do not show all that comes in the kit! To get a better idea of what is include, click the link to the shop in the navigation bar above There is a link to the shop in in navigation bar at the top of the page or go directly to the product listing by clicking the image below:


Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

New Product : Journal Blocks–Fall Collection


It's the last weekend in August and I can't think of a better way to begin to wind down summer than to release the new Fall Collection of Journal Blocks!!! The Summer Collection was a huge hit and I know you are just going to love these new kits for fall!

What's that? You don't know what these Journal Block Kits are all about??? Let me fill you in!

Journal Blocks are the perfect solution for when the stories we want to tell require something a bit larger than a standard 3x4 or 4x6 journal card we use when we are using pocket-style page templates. Digital pocket page templates with extra-large placeholders are great to showcase a photo, but they are also perfect to get those longer stories told. Each Journal Block Kit contains a variety of decorative journal cards that are meant to be placed in these extra-large placeholders. In each collection you will find:

2-6x12 horizontal vertical cards

2-6x8 horizontal and vertical cards

2-4x12 horizontal and vertical cards

In addition, each kit contains 2 coordinating 3x4 and 4x6 horizontal and vertical filler cards (4 filler cards in total).

All cards are in JPG format. When using the cards in the Project Life App, you will place them in the correct size placeholder just as you would a photo. To add text to the card, you would use the Free Form Text option, which is a separate in-app purchase within the Project Life App.

If you are familiar with Photoshop or Affinity Photo, you can use the text feature to add text to the cards as well. Also, if you are feeling extra creative, instead of adding text to the cards, add a few photos using either of these two pieces of software! Super versatile!!!

I am going to introduce each kit to you below with a few page samples from some super talented ladies! There is a lot to look at–but you are going to want to keep reading until the end! These kits are now live in my shop and I have a very special discount code at the end of this post with instructions on how to use it!

Back to School: Elementary/Middle School

While the colors in this kit are pretty traditional, if you look closely some of the illustrations and verbiage reflect the signs of the times. Back to School was going to be different for everyone this year and I tried to incorporate the special circumstances as subtly as I could without it being the main focus. 


The page below is by Teresa Carlucci. By reading Teresa’s journaling, I could totally feel the emotions she was going through as she wrote about her kids starting this school year. My heart goes out to each every parent, child, and educator as everyone is trying to navigate through this crazy start of the school year. You can follow Teresa on Instagram: @totallycre8tive


Let's Go Apple Picking

I remember going apple picking with my grandmother when I was a little girl. Apple orchards just smell like fall, don't they? I would love to go again, but living in Florida, there just aren't any around!


The pages below are by Rose Day. You can follow her in Instagram: @writingmypath. And boy is she a writer! I love the detail in her journaling! She's making the most out of space in these Journal Blocks! And that pie! YUM!!!



Back to School: High School/College

I really needed to have two separate "Back to School" kits, because let's face it, there is a big difference between being an elementary/middle school student and a high school/college student, right? This kit for older students is super fun and reflects their #mood pretty on point!


The spread below is by Jenna Fortner. You can follow Jenna on Instagram: @fort_disney. (she is also one of the Admins for the Simply Project Life Facebook Group!). Jenna captured the milestone of dropping her son off to college perfectly! What I LOVE about her pages is that she used cards from the kits in different sized placeholders than their original intent. For example, that “Study hard” filler card at the bottom center of the first layout, is really the bottom portion of the 4x12 vertical Journal Block card!

Untitled 2

Meet Me At The Pumpkin Patch

Ahhh...the pumpkin patch. Another one of those fall staples I sorely miss by living in Florida. 


Pages by Jen Morrison. Jen is a HUGE FAN of these kits and used several of them from the summer collection to document her summer stories. But these Pumpkin Patch pics have my heart! I love how she used the 4x12 horizontal Journal Block card from this fall kit as a title card! That “Pumpkin Kisses...” Journal Card you see in the second page is really a 6x8 card, but Jen totally makes it work in that 4x6 placeholder! You can follow Jen on Instagram: @jenmorrisonphotography.

Happy Halloween

I just love the fun, bright colors in this kit. The little ghouls and goblins crack me up!


Pages by Chastity DeVane Thompson. Those black and white photos!!! By changing the photos to black and white, Chastity balanced out the fun, bright colors in the kit for a classic look! Three cheers for black and white pics! And I just love her “Whoopie Cushion” costume story! You can follow Chastity on Instagram: @chastity_d


Happy Thanksgiving

A Fall Collection wouldn't be complete without a kit for Thanksgiving. Whether you spend it with family and/or friends, or both! Use these cards to document your Thanksgiving spent together!


Pages by, ME! Even though I already documented these photos in my 2019 Family Yearbook, I really wanted to use them again with this kit. You can see by the 6x12 Vertical Journal Block that I had several stories to tell and had no issues in filling up the space! The font is set to 14.0. It’s name is “Archer Pro,” and it is one that I installed into the app. You can follow me here on this blog, the Pixels to Pages Facebook Page or on Instagram: @pixelstopages.

Untitled copy

I want to thank Teresa, Rose, Jen, Jenna, and Chastity for sharing their pages for this product launch. I am truly grateful and appreciate all of you! Your photos and words are an inspiration!

So now that you've seen them all, which are your faves??? It's hard to choose, isn't it? Want to create your own bundle? To celebrate the launch of the Journal Block Fall Collection, I am doing something new in the shop! When you buy 5 kits from the "Themed Journal Blocks" you will get the 6th free! And this isn't just for the new Fall Collection! You can select ANY of the Themed Journal Block Kits!!! Still have summer photos to document, snag a few summer kits! Can't wait to document those first day of school pics? Put the kit in your cart! Create your own Summer and Fall Bundle! This special offer will end Saturday, September 5th at 12:01am

These are the steps you need to take:

  1. Go to the shop,, and select "products" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the category titled "Themed Journal Block Kits". See photo below:Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.34.10 AM
  3. Place 6 kits from this product category in your cart.
  4. When going through the check-out process, use the code "FALL2020".
  5. THIS IS IMPORTANT. When you enter the discount code, YOU MUST SELECT "+" sign next to the box in order to apply it.Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.47.35 AM

    Once you apply the code, $5.99 will be removed from your purchase:
    Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 9.47.50 AM

    Got it? Easy-peasy, right? Now have fun building your own bundle!!!

Family Yearbook : May Pages

PNG image-9398A0292D14-1

2020 is moving right along, although probably in not a way that we planned. Am I right? I mention in my journaling on the Monthly Journal Block for this month that as the days go by, they feel like Groundhog's Day. Not much changes from one day to the next during the week. Sometimes I find it a little difficult to take photos of the same old, same old. Especially since I don't have littles in the house. But this month I used several pics that my sister in Ohio had texted to me and some from my niece. I even got in some of the photos that my husband and son took of me while I wasn't looking! I love that they know I would appreciate them taking a few of me helping build the garden tower and filling it with herbs. 

There are four double-page spreads documenting May's photos and stories. The Monthly Journal Block is one I created and is available in my shop. Digital elements are from Ali Edwards. Apps used to create these pages include:

Project Life (the 3.0 update is AMAZING)

Adobe Spark Post

Affinity Photo App

Let's take a look:


One of the things I LOVE about these pages this month are the filler cards I created using digital word art and stickers from my growing stash of Ali's products. The "These are my people" filler card was created in Affinity. How simple is that? And do any of you use a foam roller? It's my hip's best friend! Oh, and check out that red hair on my nephew Jonas!!! It's. so. red. My sister kept saying he's been wanting red hair for a while. Well he got it! I remember Ryley going through a colored hair phase at the same age. Except he had a bunch of colored gels I got from my hair stylist in Virginia. It would wash out daily. My boys hair wasn't something I got hung up on a lot when they were younger. I'd let them express their individuality. There were other battles to be won at that age. Hair wasn't one of them. BUT NOW? As seen in the photo right next to Jonas, that long hair drives me crazy!!!! Hahaha!!!


Just look at that tower of happiness!!! This is my favorite story of the month. I've wanted a garden tower for several years. We first saw one while visiting The Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. I took photos of it and would mention to Chris how much I wanted one. It took awhile (like I said, several years) for him to make it, but it was so worth it! We found some plans online. The instructions weren't the best, but he got it done (I helped a little bit otherwise to help keep his sanity). Filler card was done in Affinity!


Are you digging the filler cards? I really like how they turned out. Again they are so simple. By layering various digital word art and digital stamps, and playing around with the opacity, you can create something really fun! The food photos are ones I took for a friend who is in the process of opening a permanent pizza food truck. It's going to be amazing!!!! They hope to open by July 1st. Check out those sprouts in my garden!!! Those are Mesclun (mixed greens) and they popped up in a matter of days of me planting the seeds!


I think this is my favorite spread this month. The "yes to" word art was actually part of word art that read "yes to this." In Affinity, I used the eraser tool and got rid of "this" so I can add my own text. 

Any questions or comments? Leave them down below! more thing...I wanted to share a few pages from my customers who purchased a few of the Journal Block Party Kits!!! These kits include large, decorated journal cards that are meant to fit in the oversized placeholders in the Big Shot templates. I have 8 kits in the shop that are geared toward summertime holidays and activities! Check them out by clicking the link to the shop in the link at the top of the page!

This first one is from Jen Morrison. She used cards from the Lake Life kit. She actually gave me the idea for this themed kit! Thank you Jen!


This second one is from Meagan Johnson (The Practical Scrapper). She used the Amusement Park kit. Notice how she used the journal block for both a photo and journaling. She said she did this in the Over app!


Thank you both so much for sharing your pages! 

As a reminder, whenever you use my kits on your pages, be sure to tag me on my Instagram account @pixelstopages or @ mention me on Facebook!!!! I want to see your creations!!!


2020 Family Yearbook : April Pages


Finally got around to documenting my April photos and stories! Let's just dive right in, shall we? And feel free to click on any of the spread for a larger view!


I am continuing to use the 6x12 Monthly Journal Blocks I created back in January. You can purchase these Journal Blocks in my shop. I love being able to tell several stories in one space and save the rest of the placeholders in the templates for photos. This month, however, I seemed to have a lot to say! As large as these blocks are, I still ran out of room! You will see several 3x4 and 4x6 journal cards on my pages this month. I also did a lot of writing on the white space in the "Polaroid-like" photos I created in Adobe Spark Post. All of the journal cards and digital embellishments are by Ali Edwards. 


It was not intentional, but the left side of the page turned out to be a few stories where the subject matter revolved around the words "make" or "made." And I had several digital goodies from Ali that would help to emphasize that. I just love her products. They really can make you look at your photos in a different way and dig deeper to tell the stories behind them. She has a digital product for everything you can think of! The "play" filler card on the right is originally a light green color. It was in one of the 2019 Story Kits I subscribed to through Ali's shop. When I placed it in my template I used the PicTapGo editor to change the color to black. I can't remember what filter I used, but changing the color just made the spread look a little more cohesive.


The "Finding Beauty" filler card is one I created in Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro. The word art is from Ali's 2020 Week In The Life digitals. The flower stamps behind the words are from her as well, but I am not sure what collection. I've had them for quiet some time. I added the word phrase sticker to the 4x6 journal card on the right in Affinity and then dropped it into the template. That diagonal journal card is a good "base" for adding a variety of digital embellishments to! This is also my favorite story of this month. 


The layout above is a style that I would not normally have in my Project Life albums. Even though I am creating my pages on a digital device, this is a style that I would consider a "true" digital scrapbook page. There are no "pockets," no Project Life template was used, and all of the elements can be moved around freely in Affinity Photo (where I created it) or in Photoshop. I made this page back in April and posted it on a few of my social media platforms. I don't think I shared it here on the blog. My youngest was diagnosed with Covid 19 and the majority of the text on this spread are her words from her Facebook post. This virus is so unpredictable and symptoms seem to vary from person to person. It was only about 3 weeks ago that she tested negative for it. HOWEVER, she has several lasting effects from it that the doctors are still trying to figure out. And after two months, she is STILL running a fever and has pain in her chest when breathing. Her energy levels seem to be returning back to normal. The health department (Ohio) will not release her to go back to work until she is given a different diagnosis. It's just a maddening situation. The digital word art in the spread is by Ali. The virus graphic I found as a freebie on the interwebs somewhere.

That's it for April. Now I have to get to work on May! Oh! But one more thing before I close out this post! Today (June 19, 2020) is the last day you can purchase the Journal Block Party Summer Collection as a bundle for $30. At 12:01am tomorrow, the bundle goes away, but you can still purchase the kits individually for $5.99. When you purchase the bundle, it's like getting one of the kits for practically free! Happy shopping! Click here go to the shop!





Bon APPetit Digital Recipe Kit


I had a few friends direct message (DM) me on Facebook and Instagram, wondering if I still have my Bon APPetit Digital Recipe Kit available for purchase. For a VERY short period of time I had a link to purchase it here on this blog. However, I found the monthly rates at the various online platforms where I can set up a shop are too expensive for me right now for just one product, so I removed that link. 

I do want to make this kit available for those interested in purchasing. The best way I can do it right now is by invoicing through PayPal. So if you are interested in the kit, please send your email address to, and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once I see that the invoice has been paid, I will send you a link to the download. Please note that the response may not be immediate, but you will receive the link within 24 hours!

So a little history about the this kit. It was originally created for a digital recipe organization class I was teaching at Scrapaneers. This was before I shifted to mobile memory keeping and was still digi-scrapping on my desktop. Once the Project Life App came along, I reorganized the kit a little bit, making it more friendly to use in conjunction with the PL App. 

When I designed the kit, I wanted it to be more "clean" than "cute." The graphic designer in me wanted something that was more representative of a cookbook that one would purchase at a store, rather than scrapbook. I didn't want the kit to have a bunch of embellishments like stickers, but wanted it to have a variety of elements that would allow the user to tell a story about the recipe or give it a descriptive label if they so desired. I am really happy with the end result and love the pages I created with it!

The price of the kit is $19.99. And friends, there is A LOT in this kit. When I reconfigured the kit to make it more app-friendly 3 years ago, I recorded an introductory video explaining what was in the kit and how I envisioned it being used. Watch the video below, as I'm sure it will answer any questions you may have! I am planning on creating add-ons for this in the future! Anything you'd like to see in addition to what is already there? Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!

Here are just a few pages I have created with the kit (they are 6x8 in size). You can see these pages and more by clicking the "Recipe Pages" link in the menu bar at the top of the page. It will give you a better idea of how these are laid out in the book. I have yet to print it as there are a few more recipes I need to add to it!







Handout: Digital Kit Organization Categories



Super quick post, friends! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for such a positive response to digital kit organization video I posted last week. I had several requests through Facebook and Instagram asking for a handout with the folder names of the various categories I use iCloud Drive. I typed up a quick handout for you to download. Just click here to download!