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Kelly Sill owner of Pixels to Pages

About Me

Hey there new friend! I’m Kelly and I am thrilled you stopped by! Why don’t you grab your favorite drink and stay awhile?


Me in a seashell (because I live by the water): I am a graphic designer who is crazy about my family, friends, and little yorkie, Zoe.​


I'm originally from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, but now live on the water on Florida's Gulf Coast with my husband, Chris. We will be married 35 years in November.​


We have two grown sons. Our oldest is married and a biologist. He and our beautiful daughter-in-law live in Virginia (along with our grand-dog, Deno). Our youngest is a software engineer/entrepreneur and lives nearby in the Tampa area. While the entire family isn't together very often, rest assured there are lots of laughs and picture taking when we see each other!​


Because our extended families are not close by, my friends are like family to me. They are always there to call on for wine and dark chocolate when needed. They are supportive of my obsessions in all things Apple, anything colored pink, and my non-stop photo-taking when we are together.


Most importantly, they will kill the occasional spider or palmetto bug that makes its appearance in the house.


In addition to the love I have for my family, friends, and fur babies, I have this crazy-insane passion for documenting my photos and stories using mobile apps.​


Fun Fact: Pixels to Pages actually began as in-person classes at a scrapbook store in Fredericksburg, Virginia.​


After I graduated with a BFA in graphic design in 2007, digital scrapbooking just started to come on to the memory-keeping scene. I was already teaching a variety of traditional scrapbook classes at the shop and Adobe Photoshop was something many of the students taking my classes were interested in. I developed a series of 8 classes for the store and called the series Pixels to Pages. They were a huge hit.


​The series repeated several times over at the shop. In 2011, duty called with the Marine Corps assigning us to the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia, and I had to stop teaching those classes. I knew in my heart that wasn't the end of teaching others how to use tech to document their photos + stories.​


Since 2011 I’ve had the privilege of being a member of Becky Higgins’ 2015 Project Life Creative Team, was a guest on the Scrapbook Your Way Podcast, and on occasion have written several guest blog posts for other scrapbook bloggers, such as Ali Edwards. I was also an instructor at Scrapaneers where I developed a series of successful mobile memory keeping classes, Art of the Apps.


​Teaching others how mobile apps can be used for memory keeping is my jam. I love sharing my knowledge of mobile apps, design tips/tricks, my workflow, and inspiration. When Scrapaneers closed, I still wanted to teach. Pixels to Pages was resurrected–not in-person, but online.  I get such a rush when I see others embrace today’s technology in order to preserve their memories for tomorrow. It makes my heart so happy. It would be an honor if you would allow me to help you preserve your memories, too.​


When I'm not behind the computer or iPad you can catch me:

  • Sailing or paddle boarding in Tampa Bay with Chris, and once in a while, Zoe.

  • Gardening or practicing yoga.

  • Playing with pink ball or pink bone or "box-it ball" with Zoe (I'll post video of that at another time).

  • Soaking up the sun (with 50 SPF on, of course) somewhere on a beach.​


If you are still reading and dying to hear more, here are 5 things you may not know about me:

  • Although I like bananas, I can’t stand anything banana-flavored.

  • We love the mountains in North Carolina.

  • I once visited Chernobyl when we lived in Ukraine.

  • I don't have a sweet tooth and prefer crunchy snacks!

  • Anything Italian, seafood, red wine, vintage Hollywood, silver jewelry, and dark chocolate are just a few of my favorite things.


Thanks for stopping by!





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