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MMK: Affinity Photo for iPad–Text Studio

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MMK: Affinity Photo for iPad–Text Studio is This class is designed to empower scrapbookers with a better understanding of Affinity's Text Tool, Text Studio, and Pen Tool functionalities. This latest edition in the Pixels to Pages collection of classes on Affinity Photo is tailored for mobile memory keepers who are ready to think outside the standard text box and increase their knowledge in the various text features Affinity has to offer. Unlike traditional page-building/project-based classes, "Affinity Photo for iPad: Text Studio" is more of a “technique and feature exploration-focused course”. Friends participating in the class will: –Unravel the differences between Art Text and Frame Text –Learn how to type on a path like a pro –Add text to the inside of shapes –Unleash the power of the Pen Tool for custom paths/shapes –Explore advanced typesetting features –Navigate the Glyph Browser for unique characters The course will be taught through 10 video tutorials + 1 Bonus video! Those enrolled will also receive: –A small class kit with pre-made text paths –An accompanying PDF handout to refer to –Access to a private, class community Students should have ready for class: –A layered scrapbook page that still has room for journaling and a photo clipped into a shape that is NOT a rectangle or square –A scenic photo or piece of digital scrapbook paper –Helpful, but not necessary, an Apple Pencil See you in class!



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