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Freebie: Bad Day Cards

So over the weekend I was reorganizing some files on my external hard drives and came across a bunch of kits I created when I had my other blog/shop September Blue. I thought these 3x4 Bad Day Filler Cards would be a fun freebie for a Monday! I hope you are not having a bad start to your week, but if you are, these may put a little smile on your face. They may not be for everyone, but I'm sure many will find a card they can relate to. Hope you have fun with these!

On another note...

...I just wanted to give a big hug to everyone for such all of you support on the release of my Journal Block Party kits! They are a HUGE hit! I have already started making lists of what future collections will hold for Fall, Winter, and Spring of 2021, thanks to a lot of suggestions from you! I will have a few kits released in between seasons, so keep watching for more information on those! Click the link to the shop in the nav bar at the top to view and/or purchase! Save a few buck and purchase all of the kits as a bundle (that deal goes away this Saturday morning at 12:01am EST!)

Have a great Monday!


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