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Freebie: Pocket Frames

Yesterday I posted an Instagram and Facebook Story explaining what exactly "Pocket Frames" are. Apparently you guys really enjoyed and it prompted many followers to DM me and ask if the overlays would work in apps other than those mentioned in the Story. So I thought to myself: “Why not offer a ‘Try Before You Buy?’” Brilliant, right? So if you are on the fence about using the Pocket Frames in your favorite app, here is a little Freebie for you and give them a try!!! Just click the link below to download!

This Pocket Frame Freebie has a 6x4 and 3x4 Circle Pocket Frame, both with PSD and PNG files. Just like the full Pocket Frame Kits do. Give them a whirl! And even if you have already purchased them, you are more than welcome to download! These Pocket Frames have a circle for placeholders rather than squares, so you won’t find these in the kits already released!

If you missed my IG story about them, no worries! I saved the Story into a highlight called "Pocket Frames." Check it out!

Have fun with them!


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