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Project Life Pages: January–Chapter One

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Well who'd have thought? I have my Project Life Pages all done for January! I am documenting in a monthly format, and I am so excited to share Chapter One of our 2024 Family Yearbook with you today!

The products I am using are available in my Pixels to Pages Shop. They are:

Apps used to create the pages:

  • Project Life

  • Affinity Photo for iPad (see classes here)

It feels SO DARN GOOD to be documenting again after not really doing much in 2023. Let's get right to it:

(BTW–feel free to click on each spread to enlarge it and don't forget to save pages to your Pinterest boards for future reference)

Title Page

Project Life Pages–January Title Page

Everyone knows that books have chapters. Whether you are reading a novel, a cookbook, or travel books, chapters divide a book into specific topics and themes. They help the reader to understand and remember what they are reading. And even though our family yearbooks won't be published and sold in a Barnes and Noble, I do look at our photo albums as a "real book," and feel it should be divided up as such. So each month of our family yearbook will begin with a chapter title page like you see above. I used the 6x4 January Chapter One title card on Free Template 9 in the Project Life App. Drop shadows were turned off in my app preferences.

Spread One

Project Life Pages-double page spread

The left side of the first spread of each month will ALWAYS begin with Template 7 from Pack 5 in the Project Life App. This is the same format I followed in our 2022 Family Yearbook and it worked out really well for me. I love the consistency. The journal cards you see on the right were created in the Project Life App using the 6x4 diagonal filler card from the Chapters Storytelling Kit–January Edition. I do have a video tutorial on how I create journal cards within the Project Life App and I will provide a link to the tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Spread Two

Project Life Pages–double page spread

If you are ever looking for a way to get more photos or journaling on your pages, you need to check out my Pocket Frames Collection! I love using them on my layouts! I used them on both sides of the spread here. I have a tutorial on these as well and will post the links at the bottom of the post. The days of the week stickers are from the Chapters Story Telling Kit–January Embellishments and added to the photo(s) in Affinity Photo for iPad. The same with the 6x4 "pictures of home" filler card. It was created using digital paper from the Chapters January Edition and a sticker from the January Embellishment Kit.

Design Tip: Repeat patterns or embellishments from one side of the spread to the other to create a cohesive spread.

Spread Three

Project Life Pages-double page spread

The journal card on the left was created in Affinity Photo for iPad using one of the stickers from the January Embellishment kit. The 6x4 journal card on the right was created in the Project Life App using the same process as you will see in the video below! I also used a Pocket Frame from the 6x4 Pocket Frame No. 1 Kit. The text and sticker on the 6x8 photo was first added in Affinity Photo for iPad, saved to my camera roll, and then placed in my layout.

Design Tip: Play with opposites on each side of the spread. Note I have stars in the upper right corner of the journal card on the left, as well as the photo of the moon. On the right it's all about the sun!

Now there will be one more page added, but it is kind of a surprise. I will do a special post about it when it's ready (sometime in February).

That's it for now! Check out the video tutorials below if you want to learn more about how to create journal cards in the Project Life App or how to use Pocket Frames!

Create Journal Cards in the Project Life App


How to use Square Pocket Frames


How to use Mixed Pocket Frames


How to use Square Pocket Frames in Canva, with Kim Hurst

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This is great Kelly, thank you for all of it! I am inspired to get my 2024 pages caught up, doing monthly this year!

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