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Memory Keeping with Affinity Photo (for iPad):
BYOL (Build Your Own Layout)

The wait is almost over! Pixels to Pages will soon be releasing a new series of classes: Memory Keeping with Affinity Photo! The second class in this series, Build Your Layout (BYOL), will be launching in June. It is the perfect class for those who want to learn a little more about Affinity Photo for iPad and create pages from scratch!

In Memory Keeping with Affinity Photo: BYOL you will:​
  • Learn how to set up a custom size document

  • Save custom document sizes as a preset

  • Learn how to set up margins, guides, and grids

  • Create shapes with the shape tool and use them as clipping masks

  • Learn how to import your own fonts

  • Understand how to use the Asset Studio and create assets

  • Be given ideas of where to find layout design inspiration

  • Be introduced to Effects Studio and more!


All students will
receive a digital kit
and handouts to accompany the
video tutorials!

This class is for you if:
  • You are already familiar with the user interface of Affinity Photo for iPad Version 2

  • You wish to explore more of the Tools and Studios Affinity Photo has to offer

  • You want to become more self-confident in using Affinity Photo for iPad

Please note: Those wishing to enroll in class will need to have a basic understanding of Affinity Photo for iPad Version 2's  user interface, as it is notably different from Version 1. No introduction to Version 2's U/I will be demonstrated in this class. If you are looking to become familiar with the updated version consider enrolling in the Memory Keeping with Affinity Photo: The Basics class before taking this one.

More information will be released soon!

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