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MMK: Affinity Photo for iPad-BYOL

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If you are comfortable in using Affinity Photo for iPad to create scrapbook pages from premade templates and want to create your own pages from scratch, then this class is for you! Not only will you be taken through the steps on creating your very own templates you can use over and over again, you will learn how some of the lesser-known features of Affinity Photo for iPad can assist you in your documenting workflow! Friends participating in the class will: – Learn how to set up document presets – Understand how to install their favorite fonts – Set up guides, grids, and margins on their pages – Create shapes using the Shape Tool to use as clipping masks – Understand how to use the Asset Studio and create assets – Be introduced to the Effects Studio and more! The course will be taught through 9 video tutorials (with one bonus video!). You will also: – Receive a class kit filled with papers, embellishments, and other Affinity files –An accompanying PDF handout to refer to –Access to a private, class community to ask questions, share layouts, etc. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use Affinity Photo for iPad to create your very own pages from scratch!

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