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2020 Family Yearbook: February

Today I am sharing the February pages from my 2020 Family Yearbook! If this is your first time reading about my 2020 yearbook, you may want to check out this post first. It explains how I am going about documenting this year, as I am really changing things up from the way I've done it in the past!

The pages I created last month took a little bit longer because I was trying to get in a new workflow since I have changed the way I'm a documenting. With my February pages, I found I was getting into a rhythm and they came together more quickly. I'm sure come March I will have my process down to a science!

One thing I am really, really loving right now are the Polaroid-like templates I have created in Adobe Spark Post. I will point out the Polaroid-like templates in the pages below! With the exception of the Super Bowl Card, all embellishments, word art, and filler cards are from Ali Edwards.

Spread One: The large February journal card on the left was created in Affinity Designer on my iPad. I then added the text in both Affinity Photo and the Project Life App. I was trying to think of some sort of fun fact to replace the average temperature that you saw on the January journal card from last month. Since the heart seems to be the symbol for February, I found my average resting heart rate in my Health App on my iPhone. Thought that was pretty cool! The Super Bowl Card was created in both Adobe Spark Post and Affinity Photo. The Polaroid with the house, the "over 21" stamp, and the 4x6 photo with 2 square photos were templates I created in Adobe Spark Post!

Spread Two: The names of my friends in the photo in the upper left corner were added in the app "This." It's a great app that allows you to add text and arrows to point things out in your photos! The "got berries?" photo with Zoe was created in Adobe Spark Post. Did you know Spark Post has TONS icons you can add to your pics? The strawberry illustration is just one of them! There are four Polaroid-like photos on this spread. I really like them because they add extra journaling space without taking up a whole other placeholder!

Spread Three: This spread has 3 Polaroid-like pics on it. There is also a 3x4 2-up photo, meaning 2 photos in one 3x4 placeholder on the right (it's the one with the flight of beer and sunset). This was created in Spark Post as well! I'm telling you, this app has become my #1 tool in my mobile memory keeping tool box lately! You can see I also used the This app on the photo in the lower left photo, too!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, just leave them below!

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