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New Products: April Chapters + Pocket Frames

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there are several new products in the Pixels to Pages shop! Seven new kits to be exact! Let's hop right on into them! Beginning with the April Edition of the Chapters Collection!

I am loving the color palette this month! It reminds me of Easter eggs. The pattern of the month is a white weathered wood and you'll find a mulberry paper texture on the colored digital papers! I remember working a lot with mulberry paper when I was documenting my photos and stories with physical products and I think you guys will love these!

There are a few cards in the collection that represent a couple of National Days in April. Did you take any pictures for National Handmade Day or National Siblings Day? Don't worry if you did not, snap a few now or dig up some old photos and use those! National Picnic Day is later in the month (April 23). Consider that as a reminder for you to go and enjoy a meal outside!!!

Here is a sample of what the first spread in my April Chapter may look like. I am definitely expecting this to change since I know I have a lot more photos to take this month!

And below is what the last page in my April Chapter will look like. The title page for May will be placed right beside it.

The April Edition of Chapters is now available in the shop!

For an overall explanation of the Chapters Collection in general, please check out this blog post.

Moving on! Ready for some new Pocket Frames??? I have 6 new Pocket Frame Kits in 6x8 and 6x12 sizes! I'm so excited about these!

6x8 Pocket Frames No. 1

Working with the Big Shot Templates in the Project Life App are my favorite! Check out how I used one of the PSD files in the Affinity Photo App to add a single photo to! I didn't add the text in Affinity. I exported the Pocket Frame with only the photo (I turned off the text layer) and then once I dropped the picture into the 6x8 placeholder in my template, I add two text boxes using the Free Form Text feature. These large Pocket Frames are awesome for adding both a text and a title to!

6x8 Pocket Frames No. 2

6x8 Pocket Frames No. 3

The 6x8 Pocket Frames with placeholders for 3 photos are PERFECT for allowing you to place more pictures on the page than the template allows for. The extra bonus is that you also have room for journaling (and even a title)!!!

6x12 Pocket Frames No. 1

OMG! You guys!!! Check this out for a title page in a travel album. I know I will be using these 6x12 Pocket Frames A LOT!!!

6x12 Pocket Frames No. 2

And just like for the 6x8 Big Shot Templates in the Project Life App, there are templates that have the 6x12 placeholder in both vertical and horizontal orientation! I like to look at these larger Pocket Frames as a way to "divide" my page–separate a main story from the others that may be on the same page.

6x12 Pocket Frames No. 3

I'm loving the slender rectangles on some of the 6x12 Pocket Frame No. 3 templates! They have a modern vibe to them!

Whew! That was a lot! You can find these new 6x8 and 6x12 Pocket Frame Kits, along with the 3x4 and 4x6 Pocket Frames that were previously released in the Pixels to Pages shop!

As a reminder, there is a QR code on the kit previews for the Pocket Frame kits. This is a link to a video tutorial on how to use the PSD files and Overlays from the kits in Affinity Photo for iPad! Use the camera on your phone to scan the code to watch the video while you are following along with Affinity Photo on your iPad! The video is also embedded below! The video demos the 4x6 Pocket Frame Kits, but you will use 3x4 in the same manner. And friends, if you do not use Affinity Photo, the PSD files that are in the kit can be used in Photoshop or any other software that will recognize PSD files. If you do not work with an app or software that opens PSD files, the PNG overlays that are in each kit can be used in apps like GoDaddy Studio, Canva, Procreate, or Creative Cloud Express!

I really hope you enjoy working with these Pocket Frames! Don't forget to tag me when you share your pages on social media! I'd love to see how you are using them!

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