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Twenty22 Family Yearbook: Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 in our 2022 Family Yearbook is complete. I found that I did not take many pictures this month. August was weird. I just did not feel like doing much during the month. The weather was extremely hot and humid-hottest August recorded in the Tampa area. All I wanted to do was stay inside and dream of fall. I was able to create 2 spreads with the photos + and stories I did have for the month and want to share the results with you today!

I really enjoy documenting in a monthly format. Usually I switch between a weekly and monthly format each year. But I've already decided I will stick with monthly in 2023. I've heard from many of you who are making that switch as well. Some even love the idea of referring to "months" as "chapters." We're creating books. Book have chapters. It just makes sense to me!

The pages were created on my iPad Pro using the following products and mobile apps:

  • The Project Life App

  • One Second Everyday App

  • QR Code & Barcode Reader App

  • Adobe Express App

  • Chapters August Kit

Title Page

Title page was created by using the Design W template in the Project Life app. One of the title cards from the Chapters August Edition was placed in the center placeholder (there are two 6x4 Title Cards included with each kit). Other placeholders were filled with the white card found in the Neutral Kit in the app. Shadows were turned off on this page. The PDF that is included with all Chapters Kits shows how this is done.

Spread One

I guess being inside during the month of August has its upside. I started on a home DIY project I've been wanting to do for YEARS! We have this "nook" in our family room that has been screaming for something to be done with it. We live on the water and I've always wanted to cover this wall with shiplap to give the room a coastal feel. I finally started this project and so happy with results thus far. Not only will I add shiplap, but I am refinishing a bar cabinet and will add floating shelves under the TV when its mounted on the wall. I was hoping to have this done by the beginning of October. Unfortunately I ended up testing positive for Covid at the end of August and this project came to a grinding halt for about 10 days. I'm all better now and have started to refinish the bar cabinet. Those pics will be in my September layouts. I will probably to a totally separate post on this project as well! The "Kelly Can Build It" tag was added to the photo in Adobe Express first. Then I exported the photo to my camera roll and added it to my page!

Spread Two

Spread two has a bunch of random photos. To journal about them, I used a technique I haven't yet used in our yearbook this year. This numbered journaling is something I did throughout my 2021 album. I added a number to the photos and that number references the number and text on the journal card. I find this an easy and effective way to tell our stories when I have several photos that really aren't related to one another! The little circle labels on two of the 4x6 photos on the right side was made with FFT. I just typed a period and made it really big. Then added another text box to add some copy! The filler card on the right is actually the 8x6 journal card from the August kit! When I added the card to the placeholder, I just moved it to have only the one side of the card appear!

End Page

Feel free to scan the QR Code to see some other snippets from August! The video was made using the One Second Everyday App.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and view the pages. I really appreciate it!


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