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Twenty22 Family Yearbook: Chapter Nine

It's been a minute since I've posted, I know. I do so, so good leading up to September. But when the 'ber months arrive, I get busy doing all things fall! I finally got around to finishing Chapter 9, my September pages, and wanted to share them here. There are 5 spreads. It was a busy month! Let's dive in!

The pages were created on my iPad Pro using the following products and mobile apps:

Title Page

Title page was created by using the Design W template in the Project Life app. One of the title cards from the Chapters September Edition was placed in the center placeholder (there are two 6x4 Title Cards included with each kit). Other placeholders were filled with the white card found in the Neutral Kit in the app. Shadows were turned off on this page. The PDF that is included with all Chapters Kits shows how this is done.

Spread One

Usually when fall rolls around, I tend to get all crafty. I work on the computer so much during the first part of the year, it is nice to work with my hands once in a while! So you will see some evidence of that throughout my September pages.

Spread Two

Spread Three

My birthday is in September and I had a blast celebrating throughout the month! The filler cards you see on the right are ones I made in Affinity Photo for iPad using the wood texture paper from the February Edition of the Chapters Collection. Aren't the quotes fun?

Spread Four

I think the color of that cozy textured paper works really well with the photos. Why can't fall last all year? I created the "Fall" filler card right on the page in the PL App using 4 Free Form Text text boxes! I also used a frame from my 3x4 Pocket Frames No. 1 Kit.

Spread Five

September didn't end very well for many Floridians just south of us. Hurricane Ian blew through with a vengeance. I used Editorial Templates to create this spread. I love those templates!

End Page

Feel free to scan the QR Code to see some other snippets from September! The video was made using the One Second Everyday App.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and view the pages. I really appreciate it! I'll be starting on my October pages and will share them as soon as they are complete.

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