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Twenty22 Family Yearbook: Chapter Eleven

I took a TON of photos in November and had several stories to tell. It was so hard to pare photos down! But in the end I love the way the photos are laid out and organized in Chapter 11 of our 2022 Family Yearbook. I needed 7 spreads to get those stories told!

As you look through the spreads, see if you can spot some new products I have coming to the Pixels to Pages Digital Shop next Friday! I'm not going to say what they are, I want you to guess!

The pages were created on my NEW iPad Pro using the following products and mobile apps:

Title Page

Title page was created by using the Design 9 Template from the Free Pack (formally the W template) in the Project Life app. One of the title cards from the Chapters November Edition was placed in the center placeholder (there are two 6x4 Title Cards included with each kit). Other placeholders were filled with the white card found in the Neutral Kit in the app. Shadows were turned off on this page. The PDF that is included with all Chapters Kits shows how this is done.

Design/App Tip No. 1: Many of you who are familiar with the Project Life App may be wondering–"Why do I fill the empty placeholders with the white card found in the Neutral Kit knowing that those pockets will export all white even if they are not filled with a card?" The answer is simply this: Because if I don't fill those placeholders with something, that particular page will always be falling under in the "In Progress" pages tab in the Project Life App! Even though I this page will also be in my "2022 Family Yearbook" Folder I created in the app, I still want it to look complete and don't want to see in in the "In Progress" tab.

Spread One

All cards are from the Chapters November Edition Kit. The colors in the kit are the perfect compliment to the photos of our time spent in North Carolina.

Design/App Tip No. 2: I am a big fan of consistency in my albums. If you scroll back through my other posts where I share pages from my 2022 Family Yearbook, you will see that the first spread will ALWAYS begin with Template 7 from Pack 5 on the left side. Consistency gives your albums a feeling of cohesiveness. You will see consistency presented on my pages in other ways on the following pages as well.

Can you spot a new product coming to the shop next Friday?

Spread Two

Both sides of this spread uses the trusty ol' Template 1 from the Free Pack in the PL App. The journal cards (including the titles) were created in Affinity Photo for iPad (Version 2) using the Walnut digital texture from the Chapters November Kit. The "Mills River" photo is placed in a template from one of the 4x6 Pocket Frames No. 1 Kit.

Design/App Tip No. 3: I'm a fan of repetition just as much as consistency in my albums. The two really go hand-in-hand. You can see I used the journal card several times here (and on Spread Three). All of these photos and stories revolve around the same topic. By using the journal card repeatedly, not only does this make it easy to read for the viewer, but the repetition promotes consistency!

Design/App Tip No. 4: I love templates in the Project Life App that you can organize your photos in "sections." Template 1 is the perfect example. You can see that I have divided each page vertically down the middle. Each craft brewery is represented by 3 photos and a journal card. I use this technique all the time with a variety of templates in the app.

Spread Three

Is that dog not the cutest???

These two templates together are one of my favorite combinations! The are Templates 5 + 6 from Pack 16 in the App. Template 6 is the horizontal and vertical reverse of 5. They just make for such a balanced spread.

You can see here I still used the 3x4 journal card from the previous spread. I also created a matching 6x4 journal card and used template from one of the 4x6 Pocket Frames No. 1 Kit.

I think I see another new product being used!

Spread Four

Another spread where I made journal cards in Affinity Photo for iPad, Version 2, using a textured paper from the Chapters November Edition Kit. By using the same combination and use of fonts for the titles on these cards as those on the previous spreads, I've got consistency!

Can you tell I love templates with larger placeholders??? I use them all the time!

Spread Five

Editorial templates. Absolutely love these. They are so simple and just focus on the photos and the stories.

Design/App Tip No. 5: There is a lot of space in Editorial Templates for journaling. Don't feel you have to fill the entire space with words! Take advantage of the Free Form Text feature in the App and use it to caption a photo on the page. You can see here I added another text box, and using an italic font, I added a small caption next to the butterfly photo.

Spread Six

Enough of the North Carolina back to Florida!

The journal card on the left is really a 4x3 journal card from the Chapters November Edition Kit. You can't see the entire design because a 4x3 and 6x4 rectangle are not the same ratio, but that is ok. I just wanted some solid color on my journal card here.

I like the shapes on the two journal cards on the left. They remind me of turkey feathers. Super cute!

Design Tip No. 6: Colors not the best in a photo? Turn it to black and white. Black and white photos hide imperfections in lighting. They go with any other colors in your layout so you don't have to worry about them clashing with other photos or cards.

I spy with my little eye, a new product being used!

Spread Seven

Oh my goodness! I see another new product on this spread!

Design/App Tip No. 7: Mix a traditional Collage Template with an Editorial Template. As much as I love those templates with a 6x12 placeholder, sometimes I still need a larger placeholder. Be adventurous and mix things up a bit!

Feel free to scan the QR Code to see some other snippets from November! The video was made using the One Second Everyday App.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and view the pages. I really appreciate it! Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions below!


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