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Twenty22 Family Yearbook: Chapter Five

I'm really happy to be sharing Chapter Five of my Twenty22 Family Yearbook with you this Sunday evening! Photos and stories from May are documented in three spreads with a title page and an end page for my "film adaptation" video QR code.

The pages were created on my iPad Pro using the following products and mobile apps:

On to May Pages.

Title Page:

Title page was created by using the Design W template in the Project Life app. One of the title cards from the Chapters May Kit kit was placed in the center placeholder. Other placeholders were filled with the white card found in the Neutral Kit in the app. Shadows were turned off on this page.

Spread One

In the spread above you can see the 6x12 Calendar Card from the May Edition of the Chapters Collection. This is placed in the Big Shot A Template from the Project Life app and I will ALWAYS use this template on the left hand side of the first spread for each month. I created the Run for the Roses journal card in Affinity Photo for iPad using the red texture background from the May Edition of the Chapters Collection. Other products from my shop used on this spread include the 4x6 Pocket Frame No. 1 and No. 2 Kits, and the 3x4 Pocket Frame No. 1 Kit.

Spread Two

I love the bright color palette of the May Edition of Chapters! The journal cards on the left side of the spread are ones that aren't intended for the size placeholders you see them in! The 3x4 journal card at the top is really a 6x8 journal card. The "This May Moment" journal card at the bottom is a 4x3. I just moved it within the placeholder so you can only see the left part of the card. I am so glad I created 4x4 cards specifically for QR Codes linking to a variety of video I've been taking. Adding video to my album this year has been so much fun. Once I placed the QR Code on that 4x4 filler card, I exported it to my camera roll and then placed it in one of the Pocket Frames from the 3x4 Pocket Frame No. 1 Kit.

The 3x4 journal card on the right side of the spread is actually a 4x6 card from this month's kit. The 4x6 card doesn't exactly match the aspect ration of a 3x4, but I am still able to pull it off!

The "Surprise" label on the top photo was created using two free form text boxes in the Project Life App.

Spread Three

I can't even be to tell you how happy I am with the left side of this spread. It's my absolute favorite from this month. I am a HUGE Dave Matthews fan. Earlier in the year while checking his 2022 tour schedule, I noticed he didn't have a show scheduled for Tampa. The closest one was in Orlando. I didn't think to keep checking to see if he was adding more concerts. I only found out about the concert after a friend posted she was looking forward to the concert the following week! OMG! I can't believe I almost missed this! I ended up getting tickets for 8 under the pavilion (this girl isn't sitting in the lawn anymore). SO MUCH FUN!!! My throat hurt for days from all the screaming! Such a great show!

The photo with DMB on it is a picture I took and added text to in Affinity Photo for iPad. Love the way it turned out. Our friend Tom took the pic of all of us in our seats. I took a screenshot of the setlist from DMBs website to remember all the songs that were played!

A pocket frame from the 4x6 Pocket Frame No. 3 Kit was used to add three more photos and text. I love these frames!!!!

The three other photos I included were pulled from the Dave Matthews Band Facebook page (I did give photo cred!). He has an amazing photographer that travels with him to each show and he posts photos each night after the concert. I especially love the one where he is writing out the setlist! Yes, they are low resolution–suitable for an 8x8 print, though. I print my albums at 10x10, so I'm not that concerned if they are a little grainy.

The 4x6 journal card on the right side of the spread is one I made in the Project Life app using the Terrazzo pattern digital paper from the May Kit!

End Page

Feel free to scan the QR Code above. It's just a 45-second clip of daily video I took using the 1 Second Everyday App. I may have missed one or two days in May, but I'm not going to stress about it! I love experimenting with video! These are so much fun to go back and watch!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below! The June Edition of Chapters will be released on May 14th!


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