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Twenty22 Family Yearbook: Chapter Ten

Can I just say how much I've loved documenting 2022 with my Chapters Kits? I am so happy with the pages I created for Chapter 10 in our 2022 Family Yearbook. I'm excited to share them with you today. Keep reading all the way through to learn about somewhat of a "new" product release in the shop today!

The pages were created on my iPad Pro using the following products and mobile apps:

Title Page

Title page was created by using the Design W template in the Project Life app. One of the title cards from the Chapters October Edition was placed in the center placeholder (there are two 6x4 Title Cards included with each kit). Other placeholders were filled with the white card found in the Neutral Kit in the app. Shadows were turned off on this page. The PDF that is included with all Chapters Kits shows how this is done.

Spread One

The colors in the Chapters October Kit have my heart! I just love them! That 3x4 journal card with the pumpkins is actually a 6x8 card! I just placed it in the 3x4 pocket and arranged it so only the pumpkins were visible. I do this in an upcoming spread as well!

Spread Two

Raise you hand if you have used any of my Pocket Frames? I'm telling you, these things are AWESOME! One of my most favorite products I've created. They are a great addition to your documenting tool box as they allow you to get more photos and journaling on a page. The page on the left uses a frame from the 3x4 Pocket Frames No. 2 Kit–it's the one with Penny and Elsie on it. You can't use the directly in the Project Life App, but rather an app that supports layered PSD files. I use them in Affinity Photo for iPad. I clip the photos to the rectangles, export the image to my camera roll and then drop the photo into my Project Life template! The Pocket Frame Kits also come with overlays. So if the app you use doesn't support PSD files, you can use the overlay instead.

The right side of the spread uses and the Editorial Template 2 from Set 2D.

Spread Three

Love, love, LOVE this spread! I think these two templates together are my favorite. On the left is Template 5 from Pack 16 and the right is Template 6 from the same pack. I noticed in the app that Template 5 is also in Pack 5. Not sure if that is a glitch or what. But doesn't matter. These two templates are just spot on side-by-side.

Again you see that journal card with the pumpkins. It is an 8x6 journal card! The "Autumn Memories" journal card on the right is also a 6x8 journal card! With a little bit of thought you can really push these Chapters Kits to their creative limits!

End Page

Feel free to scan the QR Code to see some other snippets from October! The video was made using the One Second Everyday App.

I mentioned earlier that I have somewhat of a "new" product in the shop today. Well, here it is:

I loved creating this collection so much that I wanted it to live beyond 2022. So what I did was remove the 2022 calendar cards and one of the 4x4 QR Code filler cards (it's the card I use on my End Page-but there is still another version in the kit), and combined all of the cards and papers into one big collection! I also created 5 multi-page PDF Print Files of all the cards and papers for those friends who are hybrid memory keepers (print sheets were not part of the original kits)

The Chapters Collection is HUGE. Just look at the numbers:

12 – 3x4 Zodiac Cards

60 – 3x4/4x3 Filler + Journal Cards

12 – 4x4 QR Code Filler Cards

59 – 4x6/6x4 Filler + Journal Cards

85 – 6x6 Textured Digital Papers

24 – 6x8/8x6 Journal Cards

5 multi-page PDF Print Sheets – These sheets include ALL CARDS. The papers in the Digital Papers PDF have been resized to 4.25x8.25 (Traveler's Notebook dimensions

1 – PDF Summary with RGB Color Codes

The original kits are still in the shop for $9.99 each. The combined collection is $39.99 (minus those calendar cards and specific 4x4 QR code card). That's a HUGE savings! Click here to go shopping if you're interested!

Thank you for taking the time to read! If you have any comments or questions, just leave them below!


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