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Chapter Three in our 2022 Family Yearbook is complete and I couldn't be happier! When I created the March Edition of my Chapters Collection, I had no idea the colors and textures would work so well with the photos I would be taking this month! I'm just thrilled with these pages!

March is covered in 7 spreads, with a title page and an end page for my "film adaptation" video QR code.

Pages we’re created using the following products/apps:

Let's see how Chapter Three of 2022 came together!

March Title Page

Title page was created by using the Design W template in the Project Life app. One of the title cards from the Chapters of March kit was placed in the center placeholder. Other placeholders were filled with the white card found in the Neutral Kit in the app. Shadows were turned off on this page.

Spread One

In the spread above you can see the 6x12 Calendar Card from the March Edition of the Chapters Collection. This is placed in the Big Shot A Template from the Project Life app and I will ALWAYS use this template on the left hand side of the first spread for each month. The two journal cards with the rust texture and yellow line were created in the Small Prints section of the Project Life App. A few months back, I did create a video of how you can create your own journal cards in the app. I will share that video at the end of this blog post. The "Advance to Venmo" card was created in the Creative Cloud Express App (formerly known as Adobe Spark Post).

Spread Two

I am loving that rust texture from this month's edition of Chapters! I made the two journal cards you see on this spread in the Project Life App. The filler card with the quote from Anthony Bourdain was created in the Affinity Photo for iPad App, using the colored texture digital paper from this month's kit. The fonts are those I am using throughout the Chapters collection. I have them loaded into Affinity Photo and the Project Life App so I can use them in whatever app I am in. I also created color swatches from the March kit using the RGB color codes from the Chapter Summary PDF that is included in each monthly Chapters Collection! Everything is matchy-matchy!

Spread Three

I got a lot of journaling going on throughout these pages! Notice how I carried journaling from one 4x6 card to the other on the left hand page. That top card is one included in the March Chapters kit. The journal card below that is one I created in the app using the yellow texture from this month's kit. Read the story. It's worth it.

The page on the right. This one got me excited! Why? Well first, I don't think I've ever used Big Shot 10 in my albums before. If I have it was a very long time ago. And second, this template gave me the chance to experiment with a new Pocket Frame size that will be released in my shop soon–6x12 Pocket Frames!!! This one hold 3 photos. What do you think? I LOVE IT!!! I do use a template from the 3x4 Pocket Frame No.1 Kit on this page. I will also share another link to a tutorial on how to use the Pocket Frames in the Affinity Photo App at the end of this blog post. It demos the 4x6 Pocket Frames, but you'd use the 3x4 in the same manner! The journal card you see on this page is one I created in the Project Life App.

Spread Four

Ok before you read any further, I gotta put a little disclaimer on some of the photos in this spread, as some readers may be offended by them. They are not gory or anything like that. They are photos of signs and some may take offense to the subject matter. I'm not apologizing for them at all. It's my album, I'll include what I want! ;). You've been warned.

Cafe du Monde. Just so yummy. I still can't decide if I liked the beignets better at Cafe du Monde or those from Cafe Beignet. Any readers out there who have been to NOLA have a preference? I made the "Beignet there, done that" filler card in Affinity Photo and the journal card on the left was done in the Project Life App.

So the page on the right makes really good use of the 3x4 Pocket Frame No. 1 Kit and the 4x6 Pocket Frame No. 2 Kit. I am really addicted to using these things! I love that I am able to have a photo on the card with enough white space to add text. The NOLA filler card is one I created right there in the layout using the green texture "paper" from the March Chapters Kit and the Free Form Text option in the Project Life App. I really like the way that looks!

Spread Five

I think one of my favorite moments on this trip was stumbling upon Fritzel's European Jazz Pub and listening to Richard "Piano" Scott play. This guy was AMAZING!!! He sounded just like Louie Armstrong!!! Truly talented! The journal cards were created in the Project Life App, but check out what I did with one of the 4x4 QR code cards that are included in the March Chapters Kit:

I recorded bits and pieces of several songs Richard Scott played and combined them into about a 4-minute long video using iMovie on my iPad. I then uploaded it to Vimeo and used the link to create a QR Code. Once I dropped the QR Code into the "watch this" card, I placed that card in one of the 3x4 Pocket Frame files! How fun is that? I'm loving that I am including video in our Family Yearbook this year!

Spread Six

Last spread for our NOLA trip. Check it out! Do you see what I see? Could those be 6x8 Pocket Frames? I thought the Big Shot 23 template in the Project Life app would be a good one to test out a 6x8 Pocket Frame. It passed my test, so you will soon be seeing those in the shop as well! I also used a 4x6 Pocket Frame template and a 4x6 Pocket Frame Border on this page, both are from the 4x6 Pocket Frame No. Kit.

To close out our trip I used an editorial template on the right!

Spread Seven

I think the colors from the March Chapters Kit compliment the photos perfectly! All three journal cards were created in the Project Life App using the textured "paper" from the March Chapters Kit.

Any paddle boarders out there? I am looking sooooo forward to a paddling this year! I'm sure I'll be taking lots of photos of our paddling adventures!

And finally my final page for Chapter Three:

Feel free to scan the QR Code. It's just a 45-second clip of daily video I took using the 1 Second Everyday App. I actually missed two days this month, but still having so much fun with it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below! The April Edition of Chapters will be released around April 15th!

Okay for those of you who like tutorials. Grab your favorite beverage and watch these if you haven't done so already!

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